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Patch to update Paint Shop Pro 7.0, 7.01, or 7.02 to version 7.04 has just been released by Jasc.

You must have Paint Shop Pro 7.0, 7.01, or 7.02 to install the patch. Paint Shop Pro 7 users do not need to install the Animation Shop 3.04 patch separately as it is included in the 7.04 patch.

Here is the complete list of changes:

- Preview windows are faster in several program dialog boxes.

- Paint Shop Pro 7 now processes OLE embedded documents from Paint Shop Pro versions 5 and 6.  It is no longer necessary to leave these versions installed to edit embedded Paint Shop Pro 5 and 6 objects.

- Added an "Apply Smoothing" option to the WMF/Import tab of the File Format Preferences dialog box to improve the quality and accuracy of some imported vector data.

- When using the Gamma Correction adjustment dialog, proofing an image before the right preview window updated could apply incorrect modifications and fail to revise the command history. This issue is fixed for Gamma Correction and other affected commands.  

- The program no longer calls all installed format filters when it cannot identify a file type.  The change eliminates the "Cannot open PhotoCD Image" message some users encountered when using the browser.

- The application no longer stalls at start-up if resources (e.g., gradients) or their designated folders are unavailable.

- Irrelevant characters are discarded from plug-in category names to ensure proper sorting.

- All selected files obey the "Files of type" drop-list selection when using the File Open dialog box.

- Opening an image from outside of the application (e.g. using drag-and-drop) when Multiple Image Printing is active will no longer cause the wrong menubar to appear.

- When opening Portable Network Graphics (PNG) containing an alpha channel, the channel content is read as transparency.  Previous versions treated a PNG alpha channel as a Paint Shop Pro alpha channel.  PNG alpha channels will also display as transparent areas in the browser and Open dialog box thumbnail previews as a result of this change.

- ASCII versions of PPM/PGM/PBM containing unusual white space characters can be read more reliably.

- Resolved issues with reading multi-page or poorly compressed LZW TIFFs.

- Increased the supported width limit on uncompressed TIFFs to 32,768 pixels.

- Fixed several other minor issues with text size, formatting, object placement, bitmap palettes, multi-byte character sets, and single or no pixel lines in metafiles.

- Multiple embedded bitmaps can now be read from a metafile.
Corrected an issue where some CGM files displayed as a blank image because bad color values for lines, edges, and fills (brushes) displayed in the default background color (white). The program now assigns the default foreground color (black) to this content in accordance with the file format specification.

- Reduced JPEG compression for thumbnails to improve display quality.

- Added support for bitmaps with negative heights and fixed a problem reading OS/2 version 2.x bitmaps.

PSP is a wonderful alternative to Photoshop that rivals it in terms of power.  If you are unable to afford the Adobe product then it is strongly suggested that you take a look at PSP!
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m2g2f8 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2001
Jeesh... all I've heard before is psp sucks, get photoshop... I dunno... I'm used to PSP, so for now, I'll stick with it.
coderebel Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
*prefers Photoshop, but has hardly every used PSP*

..:: |CodeRebel| ::..
hoopmold Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2001
always have used psp primarily, always will... if you learn to use it correctly there is no limit on what you can do with it.... the only advantage photoshop has is the abundance of useless cheesy filters :-P

...besides, psp has much better vector support.

im not bashing photoshop, im just giving props to psp ;) (Wink)

jay-fatboy Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2001
YAY long live Jasc Software
Good thing The Food Saved Humanity From Starving
oiboi Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2001   Photographer
Yes Ive had several of those problems... Thanks for the update!

Pick It Up!
marc-h Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2001
Spiffy. :) (Smile)
natie Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2001
this is the first patch I heard of, dumb ole me. thanks man!

xhaos Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2001
thanks for the heads-up man

AlienShore Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
yeah, a lot of people are getting thw wrong idea of psp before they actually get used to it, its a nice program.

dont whiz on the electric fence!
itirep Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2001

heh-a little late on this one titan-i've had that patch for a while now...but yeah psp is cool if you take the time to learn its little nuances...
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October 2, 2001


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